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How to Fail At Almost Everything by Scot Adams
How to Fail At Almost Everything by Scot Adams

How to Fail At Almost Everything by Scot Adams

“Few things are as destructive and limiting as a worldview that assumes people are mostly rational.” – Scott Adams

When looking for a motivational book (self-help, management, etc) there is no end to the available options. Successful business owners and entrepreneurs. Sports figures. Actors, performers, religious leaders, even social media influencers. I suspect that the author of a comic strip might not fall near the top of your list. Yet the author of Dilbert brings us a book that is exactly what you want in a motivational reading – humor, practical tips, a little philosophy, and stories that capture the mind and imagination.

How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big: Kind of My Life Story was written in 2013 by Scott Adams. Adams may be known for the comic strip Dilbert, but as the reader will discover, his career path (and life) do not necessarily reflect the path that one might expect. Like many young people coming out of college, he entered the corporate workforce (in his case via the banking industry) with hopes of a lifelong career. However, Adams is honest in sharing his experiences and his failures. While he has had immense success with his comic strip he experienced many lows and many challenges…and it is the stories that make this book so interesting.

Let me share with you a few of my favorite passages and ideas. Chapter three is titled Passion is Bullshit. Most of us have heard that if you do what you love you’ll never work a day in your life. This has annoyed me for years. The majority of us cannot make a living doing what we love. Adams writes that many people have followed their passions…all the way to their demise – as you’re probably aware, those folks don’t write books about those experiences. So, we’re left with a handful of books from people that were able to make it. Or, as Adams describes, in some cases those people became passionate about what was working. Adams indicates that he believes that is his experience. The more he succeeds, the more he is passionate about that pursuit.

The Energy Metric. Almost every book about success (in life or career) has some sort of central or guiding principle. For Adams, it is protecting his energy. He wants the reader to understand what energizes them and how to protect that. This concept encompases working hours, sleeping patterns, eating habits, and exercise. Adams knows when he needs to work to be at his bet. He eats the foods that energize and satisfy. He works out because he knows physical conditioning provides motivation and energy. Everything is done to protect his energy to allow him to be at his best.

Throughout this book, you’ll read stories and essays about his experiences in the corporate world and his personal life. You’ll learn about his fight with spasmodic dysphonia (I’ve never heard of it before, either) but imagine dealing with the inability to speak more than a few words or grunts…for years. You’ll consider his views on affirmational thinking, positive self-talk and much more. Will it all apply to you? Nope. Will you enjoy it as much as me? Maybe not. Is it worth a few hours of your time? Without a doubt!

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