Don't change who you are. Be more of who you are - Sally Hogshead

Every journey starts with a single step…

Whether jumping out of a plane, launching a business or developing your team, it all begins with a first step.

Leadership goes far beyond a position; It is a mindset that is committed to the development of the individual and the team. Regardless of your current path or position, there is always an opportunity for growth and learning…but it takes that first step. Using the How to FascinateĀ® system developed by Sally Hogshead as a foundational tool, I can help you to identify the best options for your personal and organizational needs.

I have had the opportunity to spend more than 15 years developing teams that consistently deliver results while providing world-class customer service regardless of the industry. I have worked with organizations in the for-profit and non-profit sectors including universities and Fortune 500 companies. Previous teaching and coaching has included areas such as communication, employee development, hospitality, leadership, marketing, and sales.

Whether you’re looking for one-on-one coaching to advance your career or training for your organization, let’s work together to find your solution.

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