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Never Lose an Employee Again by Joey Coleman
Never Lose an Employee Again by Joey Coleman

Never Lose an Employee Again by Joey Coleman

Never Lose an Employee Again

Your employees wish you cared as much about them as you do about the business – Joey Coleman

We’re in a turbulent time when so many employers are struggling to find the employees they need to maintain their business…let alone grow the business. Worse yet, many employers still struggle to retain their existing employees during a time of quiet quitting (and employees simply ghosting their employer). However, recent surveys and studies indicate that more than 3 out of 4 employees that recently quit say they could have been retained and 69% quit for reasons that are considered preventable.

In the midst of this environment, Joey Coleman has published his second book, Never Lose an Employee Again: The Simple Path to Remarkable Retention. Previously, Coleman produced Never Lose a Customer Again.This new work takes his same commitment and applies it to our internal customer – our employee.

From recruitment to hiring to onboarding to maintaining, Coleman offers so many foundational truths combined with practical applications for managers,owners, and HR professionals. The reality is that while employers may carefully plan to post openings in their companies, so much less focus and effort have been applied to our actual hires. Let’s be honest, if a potential suitor (boyfriend/girlfriend) made such a little effort beyond the first date…most of us would never move past the first date.

Whether you’re a business owner, hiring manager, supervisor, or HR professional, it is worth your time to read Coleman’s book. Beyond the printed book, he also offers online resources to use in your workplace…and even some email encouragement as you work through the book. If you care…even a little, this book is worth your time!

Employers possess all the answers to stem the tide of the mass exodus of employees. If employers are willing to really listen to employees, they will gladly reveal what needs to be done to keep them – Danny Nelms, CEO of the Work Institute