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The School of Greatness by Lewis Howes
The School of Greatness by Lewis Howes

The School of Greatness by Lewis Howes

The School of Greatness by Lewis Howes

Each day, we have the opportunity to learn something new, apologize for our mistakes, and become better ― Lewis Howes

Imagine having the opportunity to spend time with your favorite mentor or teacher. What questions would you ask? What topics would be at the top of your list? If you had just a few moments, what would you need to learn?

After retiring from collegiate sports and professional arena football, Lewis Howes began to create live networking events by tapping into his LinkedIn network. These events led to consulting opportunities and, eventually, a digital educational company that would go on to be sold for seven figures. Howes next step was a podcast that featured interviews with people that he considered greats in their field. Initially, that’s all it was…but, eventually, the podcast would go on to become the School of Greatness – a resource for anyone wanting to learn from those that have gone before.

In his book, The School of Greatness, Howes shares his story. Not the story of a popular child that went on to become a rich and successful athlete. No. The story of someone that wanted all that but instead experienced a challenging childhood and then the premature end to his lifelong dream. And then…he found the life he was meant to live. In this book, he lays out his eight principles for living a life of greatness: 

  • Create a Vision
  • Turn Adversity into Advantage
  • Cultivate a Champion’s Mindset
  • Develop Hustle
  • Master Your Body
  • Practice Positive Habits
  • Build a Winning Team
  • Live a Life of Service

These may not seem life changing or all-together new. Yet, they are the concepts that we all should master if we seek to develop a true life of greatness…a life of peace. A life of contentment…contentment in the knowledge that we are living up to the potential that we were born to fulfill. A life that is the life we were meant to live!
You need desire to be fully alive and you need vision to fulfill your desires. ― Lewis Howes