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Find Your…F*ck Yeah by Alexis Rockley
Find Your…F*ck Yeah by Alexis Rockley

Find Your…F*ck Yeah by Alexis Rockley

Find Your F*ck Yeah by Alexis Rockley

Live your best life…Find your bliss…Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. Such great advice. But how?!?

You know what’s missing from self-help, self-improvement, and self-care? The truth about “happily ever after.” – Alexis Rockley

We are bombarded with memes, books, podcasts, and websites providing ideas or recommendations for finding your best life. Many of them are inspired tales from individuals that have done just that. “Their autobiography isn’t a lie – but the twelve steps required to repeat their results definitely are.” (Alexis Rockley)

So, what makes Find Your F*ck Yeah, different? Rockley takes the reader on a journey to get the mind into the right space to find what fulfills. For so many of us, finding “our best life” seems impossible. We’re straddled with baggage that comes from others AND from our own judgemental minds. Readers will be challenged to detangle their brains – we can’t move forward if we aren’t really clear about who we are and where we are. After that, we must stop censoring our own lives and trying to be what we think others want us to be. Once we’ve done those two things, Rockley guides us to resources to live a life of purpose – finding our F*ck Yeah is not a one time task. It is a lifestyle.
No more beating yourself up, tearing yourself down, stalling, stressing, or shrinking. It’s time to live an uncensored life. It’s time to live a life of your making. ― Alexis Rockley